Ryan Boren


Jeff and his crew rock. My house would look way too much like the 80s without them. I call Jeff for everything. He…

  • Built an awesome freestanding treehouse.
  • Remodeled my master bathroom around a Japanese-style soaking tub.
  • Replaced a busted up door.
  • Stripped several layers of hideous wallpaper from my master bathroom and put up new texture and paint.
  • Painted every bit of my kitchen.
  • Fixed up a sloppy crown molding job executed by previous owners.
  • Changed the kitchen cabinet layout to let in more light and make room for a new pendant fixture over the sink, which he also installed.
  • Ran ethernet backhaul all through the house.
  • Replaced a bunch of fiddly old sink and tub drains.
  • Replaced a leaking toilet shut off valve.
  • Power washed and sealed my wraparound porch. This important and much loved feature of my home now looks much better and will last much longer.

And many other things. If something around the house needs work, Newmatic gets the job.


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